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My life (right now).

June 3, 2011

Did I mention I graduated? I mean, I graduated in 2008 too, but this time I got to wear a Masters hood. Masters indeed.

And as swiftly as I bounded across the stage to grab my oversized UVA diploma, I was cast out of Charlottesville. My sister and I rented a U-Haul, packed up two years worth of belongings, disposed of about 6 months worth along the way, and moved down to my parents house just in time for me to get to search for another place to move right back up there.

You see, the Friday before my graduation I got a job offer at a school about 40 minutes away, which I took without thinking anything about it. It’s a position teaching the grade that I want, the demographics that I like (i.e. little poor kids), and the principal hired me on the spot. So I accepted.

So now I’m living with my parents, the dog, my two younger sisters, my dog, and our Nintendo Wii and poring over Craigslist in search of a place to live.

And there’s nothing.

That’s not completely true. There are a lot of condos and houses out of my price range or that don’t allow dogs or are on the complete other side of the mountain from where I need to be so I don’t have an hour long commute. And then I read this article on Slate about how commuting makes you obese, depressed, and divorced, and so now I’m looking at places in the town of 2500 where I’ll be teaching. I think my high school had 2500 students.

I know these things work out. I knoooow. Craigslist has never failed me. But I’m at the point where making I’m making wedding budgets to relax and take my mind off of finding a place. TO RELAX.

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