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Things I Should Do When I’m Living at Home

April 20, 2011
  1. Get a job and move out of my parents house.
  2. Learn how to sew on a machine. I mean, I know-ish how to sew on a machine. I have done it before. I even asked my mom for a brand spanking new machine for Christmas so I can hem my own pants. But since Christmas the sewing machine has not come out of its box even once. And I certainly don’t remember how to thread a machine, but I do remember it being more complicated than some youtube videos would indicate. What will I sew? I do not know. I’ll probably hem all of my pants and put the sewing machine back in the box and it’ll never leave the dark corner of my parent’s basement again.
  3. Active-type things. This comes with a caveat. If it’s 100+ degrees again all summer, there is no way in hell I am leaving the air conditioning. I spent all last summer without it and I REFUSE to relive that experience (although I would in a heartbeat, luv u yww), even if only for twenty minutes. But you know, if it’s temperate then I should like walk and stuff. Or ride a bike. I think I have a bike. I think I can ride a bike.
  4. Throw away stuff. Like all of my stuff. I am so sick of stuff. I have stuff everywhere. I fully intend to use my allotted 500lbs/month of free dumping at the local landfill all summer. Things that I will keep: books, about 1/2 of my wardrobe, the dog, board games, gadgetry. Everything else can go. Unfortunately books, clothes, the dog, board games, and gadgetry comprises approximately 95% of my worldly belongings. BUT THAT LAST FIVE PERCENT IS GONE!
  5. Blog regularly. Try to not just blog cute things that the dog did today, but I think I should do that occasionally.
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  1. May 3, 2011 11:37 pm

    kate. i found you on APW. your blog makes me laugh and laugh, and also makes me feel more normal than i felt an hour ago.

    still weird, but more normal.

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