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April 19, 2011

The last time I started this blog I was graduating from college and moving back in with my parents. Well lookat me now–four years later, graduating from another college and moving back in with ole Bob and Debbie and their newest addition to the family, Mario Kart.

Mario Kart might just surpass Nell as my favorite sister.

Nell is our family’s black lab.

It has been about four years and I do think some things have changed. I’m getting a bigger degree (literally, it is a much larger piece of paper) and  maybe hopefully getting a bigger paycheck (bigger is relative). I have a lot more of that “life knowledge” that no one tells you is important until it hits you in the face. I now have an acne medicine that really works (25 years and finally clear skin to boot!). Also I watched Downton Abbey so I think I’m technically a grown up. I also have a lot more furniture to move, so that’s something that’s not great about getting older and wiser and all of that garbage.

You might wonder if I feel strange about moving home again. I am inclined to, out of respect for my parents, say yes. I think they want me to say yes, if only to assure them that I won’t live there forever. But really it just seems logical at this point. Where am I going to go? Because right now I can only afford selling myself into sexual slavery and I have a feeling that will inhibit my chances of getting a teaching position. Maybe not, though. Maybe that could make my resume stand out from the pack.

“Oooh, she had to sell her body to make rent and has significant experience facilitating writing workshops.”

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